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Bob Baker – Alaska 2015 –
Taken with a FA Single Shot chambered in 45-70

John Neal 2015 Taken with a Model 83 .454 Casull

Hello Bob, Here are the pics of my Cape Buffalo with your 500WE using a 420gr. Punch bullet, the rest were taken with the .475 Linebaugh using 400gr. XTP’s. James Swidryk has been Handgun Hunting for the past 30 years and he says there have not been many firsts in his lifetime of hunting so he is hoping that the Cape Buffalo is the first taken with the 500WE 2014. Best wishes James!


Thanks for a great hunt! Just figured I would send you folks another success story, I took this 350lb bear with my Freedom Arms M83 in 454 Casull on September 19, 2011 at 30 yards in the Olympic Mountains of Washington State. When the CorBon 285 grain SP hit; she didn’t take another step. Thanks for all the customer support and the awesome firearms. Respectfully, Matt Haverluk Quantico Maintenance Team Lead


Here is a picture of my Asian Water Buffalo taken with my FA 475 Linebaugh revolver. Note the 3 shot pattern on the shoulder. Robert Fanucci 8/5/11

Bob, I finally had you guys make me one of your m-83`s in .41mag after our talk at the YO. Went on to take a large old aoudad at the White Elk Ranch using one of Taffin`s handloads listed in the FACA 5 Shot Journal. Shot was an even 70yds with the 210gr XTP taking out both lungs. Thanks again for the heads up on your .41. Your friend in Jersey, James 8/6/11

African Safari 2011 I thought you would enjoy these photos. I took a Freedom Arms .454 to Cameroon and was quite lucky. I suspect the Bongo may be the new number one with a handgun, and the Bay Duiker may be the only one ever harvested with a handgun. Tried to make a video of this hunt but the jungle does not lend itself to it at all. The only people who could see the shot were me, one of the Pygmy trackers, and the PH. We had to crawl in and shoot from kneeling at 5 yards. Regards, Rick Steiner

Gentleman/Ladies, Thought you might like these pictures of the two Florida Alligators that my son and I took with your Mdl. 97 .41 Mag. 12’& 12’7″ Jeff JagelsI

Hey Bob, I got a pretty nice one today and thought you might like to use it on your website. Let me know if you need a larger image. Sorry about the T/C hat. I shot him from about 40 yards with my 4 3/4″ 454. I was using a Winchester factory loads with the 250 gr. XTP. He went about 20 yards after the shot.
Also check out:

Hi Bob: Here are the pic’s I told you I would send,a while back! Jim Bickman

A couple more to enjoy. Thank you. Jim Bickman

Third Column

Attached is a photo of the muskox I took on Nunivak Island Alaska 3-1-2008 with a Model 83. I used a 300 gr jacketed bullet. The Mod 83 was the ideal weapon for this hunt. Lowell Anderson Eagle River, Alaska

Here is a pic of a 750lb boar I took this week with my FA 500 WE. The boar dropped with one shot. You guys make the best revolvers. Robert Fanucci

Single Shot Trophy 2010

Single Shot Trophy 2010

Single Shot Trophy 2010

Single Shot Trophy 2010

Ken Zarrillo Sr. shot this 8 point whitetail that weighed 195 pounds at a personal record 147 yards ! The deer was harvested in Demopolis, Alabama and was the second 8 point that Ken shot at over 125 yards with his Freedom Arms .454 Casull over the Thanksgiving weekend of 2010.
“Pretty Impressive”.
Ken Zarrillo Sr. & Son.

Here is a picture of my Mountain Lion, taken last month (Dec 2010) in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains with my Freedom Arms, Model 83 in .475 Linebaugh.
Jeremiah (Jed) H. Candreva

Here is a photo of my 2004 Washington Shiras Moose taken with my 6 inch octagon barreled .475 Linebaugh. I used a 400 grain Hornaday XTP. I grunted him in. The shot was 29 yards, quartering toward me. Complete penetration and excellent bullet expansion. The moose scored 140 6/8 B&C and 48″ spread.
Thanks for the fine firearms! I have three.
Dan Jonassen


I have just returned from Zimbabwe where I shot a buffalo-bull with my .454. I stalked two buffaloes (daga-bulls) – and shot the one at 35 m. The bullet – 378 gr. hard cast/1350 fps. hit his left shoulder. Then he took off – and got another bullet about 10-15 cm from the first one. The third shot was a miss – or into a tree (very bushy area). Before he disappered at 50 m – I only had his left back leg to shoot at – and the fourth bullet hit. Not long after that shot – I could hear his death-roaring. Went up to him from behind – and shot him in the spine – just to be sure that I could write about this. He ran 62 m – before he fell down. Docter sights. Sverre Meisingseth – (Norway)

A double on Blue Wildebeest in South Africa. One was shot at 45 meters into the chest – but I could not find the bullet. The other was shot at 100 m – and the bullet hit the left shoulder and penetrated 100%. The bullet was 325 gr. hard cast/1450 fps. Mod. 83 scoped with a 2x Leupold.
Sverre Meisingseth – (Norway)

Lynn C. Thompson took this huge bull hippo with a single shot between the eyes at 25 meters using Corbon’s 454 caliber 320 grain Penetrators. This hippo was in the water and recovery of the trophy was very hazardous, as the river was full of big crocs. Tusk size submitted to SCI with it being the potential new #3 hippo taken with a handgun. Note: Lynn only uses iron sights.

Paul Lovell, 8 point buck. Taken with 454 (300GR F/A bullet) at 40 yds. South Central Ohio on 11/26/01

A nice Waterbuck taken in South Africa in 1989 on Lynn’s first Safari. Shot on the run at 44 meters with Corbon’s 360 Solid.

This SCI #5 Bush Buck taken by Lynn with a single shot through the body. Bullet used was Freedom Arms 300 JSP.

It rained, snowed and hailed the day Lynn shot this Eland Bull in the Orange Free State in South Africa. Bullet was Corbon 360 grain Penetrators.

This SCI number 9 common Reedbuck taken at 78 meters on the run! Bullet used was Freedom Arms 300 JSP.

This big Grey Wildebeast was shot off hand at 97 meters. Bullet used was Winchester 300 JSP. Lynn likes this bullet a lot for thin skinned animals.

This Cape Buffalo was initially shot by Lynn C Thompson in the chest and finally put down after an exciting follow up shot involving multiple hits. This bull was put down with a shot through the neck and out the eye as he got up to charge.

52″ Kudu taken by Lynn with a single shot through the heart offhand at 54 meters. Bullet used was Freedom Arms 300 JSP. Bullet went through one side and out the other.

Lynn says taking this Leopard with iron sights was the hardest hunting challenge he’s ever faced. 16 days were spent in the blind before Lynn got in a shot at 25 meters in very dim light. Bullet used was 300 Winchester JSP and took the Leopard square through the lungs.

Big Bull Giraffe taken at 46 yards with 360 grain Corbon Penetrators.

Lynn C Thompson. Current SCI #1 world record warthog taken at 42 meters offhand. Bullet was Freedom Arms 300 JSP

Cape Buffalo taken by Lynn on the run at 62 meters. First shot was in the neck. Follow up shots were through the heart and lungs. Final shot through the brain as he got up and charged. Bullet used was Corbon’s 320 Penetrator in 454.

This Rhino is SCI number 29 in both rifle an pistol divisions. Lynn took him with two shots; one in the shoulder at 100 plus meters and the finisher at 27 meters in the head with 360 grain Corbon Solids.

On a warmer day, Lynn busted this nice Gemsbuck. Shot at 84 meters through the head with Corbon’s 360 Solids.

Jim Bickman, with a .454 with scope, Dec 2001, Challis, ID

Jim Bickman, .454 on one of his first scope hunts, Nov. 2001, Prince William Sound

Just wanted to send you a picture of my 1999 bull elk taken with my FA .454 Casull with 260 grain factory bullets/my handloads. This is a Colorado bull I killed with one shot at about 100 yards. I hope you can use it on your Customer Trophy Page. I didn’t see any pics with elk. Great website! Gregg Richter; Little Gun Outfitters; Handgun Hunters International Antelope Hunt Coordinator

My name is John Harbaugh.
He has 12 scoreable points….. Taken on my farm in Morrow Co. Ohio on 11-28-2000 first year that revolvers larger than .45 colt are allowed. Rattled and grunted him in to with in 50 feet and one shot from the finest revolver ever made the Freedom Arms .454 Casual and I had my trophy, he has green scored 146 3/8, which will put me into Ohio bigbucks club as 140 is required with firearms after the 60 day drying period. I will look forward to the challenges of handgun hunting for years to come with my Freedom Arms. Keep building them…..

May 98 Alaskan Brown Bear
Big Al

Rossetta Sleeva
Freedom Arms .44 with 240gr.Hornaday XTP
One shot lung shot. 100 yrds.

Dwight Van Brunt

Robert Baker, Dec. 98. 1 shot 50 Yds.
with .475 Linebaugh 420gr Cast, Buffalo Bore Factory Ammo.
FA .475 1/2″ Barrel. Taken at the YO Ranch

Howdy! Here’s a photo of a critter for your trophy page (hopefully!). Take a look and see if you think it’s worthy. I whacked it while hunting off the Tanana River, a few miles north of where I live, in Alaska. Stuck a 300 gr.@ 1930 fps hardcast handload through the boiler works. He went less than 20 feet. Love that pistol!!! Brian Wregglesworth Wasilla, Alaska

Mohamed Tobah – Africa 1995
20 yrds. Corbon 320 gr. Factory
Rino scored 92.5 points.

John Carey Jr. Dec. 1999
454 Casull- One Shot Right through the tail feathers.

One of Alaska’s greatest! Skyline Sales.
Great legs. Gary Stevens – Anchorage Ak.
1994- Brooks Range Ak. (pants optional)

Gary Stevens & Guide Jane Bettenay with Sable
Note: Africa must be much colder than Alaska! Proper clothing a must! (“Gary”)
80 Yrds. 260gr. Factory Ammo .454 -1992-

Dick Williams. Great Smile!
1996 Eland .50 A.E. F.A.

Barton R. Anderson & Dale Anderson 6/10/1996
One Shot African Lion. .454 F.A.
Measuring 25 6/16
Number 1 Gold Medal Trophy

Dale Anderson & Bart Anderson -1996-
#1 Cape Buffalo S.C.I. with Handgun .454
One Shot.

Jim Bickman-


Hello Bob,
My name is Perry Schneider. I live in Fairbanks Alaska. Bob Robertson is a good friend of mine. In fact we are going Moose Hunting next week. Last year Bob drew a Sheep tag and he an I tried to get up into Sheep Country but things didn't pan out. This year I drew the same tag. Here's a synopsis.

Alaska DIY resident hunt. Delta Controlled Use Area (DCUA) draw tag. Non-motorized, no pack animals allowed, walk-in only. My partner Roy and I walked in about 15 miles. This was my third attempt at a Dall Sheep with a handgun and I finally got a shot at one! I got this guy 1 day before my 61st Birthday on August 19, 2021. 11 yrs old, 38.5 inches. 71 yds, 454 Casull 4X Leupold. Load was a 240gr Hornady XTP Mag over a case full of H110 at about 1900fps. Holster is a Von Ringler Wyoming Combination Holster with a home made flap.

Thank you Freedom Arms, Wayne and Bob Baker and Dick Casull for making such a fine firearm and cartridge. This hunt was a dream come true and you made it possible. Also thanks to the FA crew who have taken time to talk with me, give me info and thanks John for the action work.

Perry Schneider


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